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A corrupt and bizarre town is the quirky setting to Jeklynn Heights, a fantastical and competitive online game. Run by a Mayor with a split personality and enigmatic past, a spell haunts the town he rules. Players must complete objectives, directed by the Mayor, to win and escape the town. Combat is 3rd person melee, ranged, and ability based.

There are two teams in Jeklynn Heights – the rich and the poor. The objective is simple; leave town! During the beginning of the match, the Mayor introduces himself and calls out the first event. Events are mini-objectives which last a few minutes each. Objectives range from capturing points, killing targets, stealing from the other team, collecting resources, etc. The first team to win 5 events wins the match, and is allowed to leave the town!
The game is designed to be fast paced, focusing on team-based play, high action, and very short respawn times.

Melee/Ranged Combat
Every character has a 3 swing melee rotation and a blocking ability. You may hold your blocking stance for 2 seconds to deflect incoming melee damage. Landing a quick block (blocking a melee attack within 0.5 seconds of using your block), will stun the enemy player and grant you an empowered swing that does bonus damage.
All characters also have a dash mechanic. Dashing propels you a short distance forward and grants you an empowered swing that does bonus damage. Dashing is a great opportunity to travel faster, initiate combat, or narrowly escape danger.
Additionally, you also have a ranged weapon unique to your character to make picking off fleeing enemies easier!
Characters have 4 abilities centered around their specific archetype (tank/support/agility based). Abilities range from AOE damage, skill shots, disables, movement boosts, and buffs

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1. Jeklynn Heights Download from mediafire (button below).
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Jeklynn Heights pc download

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